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NDIS Review and what lies ahead

I'm sure you're aware that the Final Report from the NDIS Review was released late last year. After receiving nearly 4000 submissions and various other feedback, 26 recommendations have been developed.

At Exceptional Care For You, we are committed to providing best-practice care with compassion and joy. We eagerly look forward to embracing these recommendations and making any necessary changes.

Woman with crutches in black pants and floral top being passed a crutches by carer in black pants and hearts on top
NDIS client and carer

NDIS Registration

The most significant change for us is that we will be required to become registered. Before the recommendations were handed down, we had made registration our primary goal for 2024. Until now, we operated as if we were registered, ensuring all requirements were followed. (Currently, not all NDIS providers need to be registered.)

There were three reasons why we hadn't pursued registration earlier:

  1. Our combined 60 years of experience in nursing and involvement in numerous quality audits, we felt confident that everything required was in place.

  2. The cost was a concern; it was going to exceed $10,000.00 for us to become initially registered, with ongoing audit costs thereafter.

  3. There seemed to be no real benefit for us as a business.

Now, there will be a requirement for all providers to be registered, although the specific levels of registration are currently unclear. We will continue working towards registration this year. As the NDIA finalises the new registration proposal, we will decide whether to register now or wait for the new guidelines to be released during the year.

What does the NDIS Review mean for you (our amazing clients)?

Absolutely nothing at this point.

We will continue delivering the high-quality care we always have. Behind the scenes, we will diligently work towards registration so that when it becomes mandatory, you can still count on us to provide your care.

We are excited to be part of the changing landscape of NDIS and eagerly anticipate the improved version ahead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Di at 7068 2438 or email me at



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