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We're Moving Up!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Almost 1 year ago I took a huge leap of faith and started my own business, Exceptional Care For You. I wanted to offer a different option for people requiring care in the community. I wanted the care to be reliable and authentic and bring joy, compassion, and friendship to our clients, who represent some of the most vulnerable members of our community. I also wanted to provide great working conditions for our carers and nurses and focus on building trusting and caring relationships with all of our staff.

What a year it has been! Our business has grown so successfully in our first year, and although we have been able to reach our financial goals, the positive feedback we get from staff, clients, and their loved ones brings greater joy to my life than financial gain ever could.

I think that we have shown that a business can be financially successful by focusing on something other than money. I never get up in the morning and think, “how much money will we make today?”, however, I constantly think, “how can we improve our client’s life?” and that is by focusing on delivering exceptional care and spending time getting to know our clients and staff. We are honest with our clients and staff in all exchanges and do not make promises we cannot fulfill- that is where our success lies and is the reason why our clients and staff are so happy.

Our approach is also different from other care providers as we do not pair clients with whatever carer can fill a shift. We always aim to send carers who are well suited to the client and are someone that the client can build a relationship with and feel comfortable with. When carers are unable to attend a shift for any reason we make sure to send a carer that the client is familiar with or someone that we know is suited for the role due to past experience with that specific care.

We also look beyond the care and focus on providing joy and new experiences. We bought a 12-seater bus and converted it for wheelchair use so that we can provide clients with more than just care, and that is one of the most exciting things we have done this year. We have taken clients on holidays and day trips and they have a wonderful time. The feedback is amazing after every trip and to hear the delight they express while out in the “wild” is life-changing for us.

Recently we moved into office space and it has taken a couple of weeks for me to realise this is my successful business. Every night when I turn the air conditioning off and all the lights off and lock the door I do a little happy dance in my head. I could not be prouder of our staff and what we have built together.

Thank you for making our dreams possible!



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